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One More Day
Don’t Let Past
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Providing Motivational Talks for Overcoming What Holds You Back

Chuck Herrick Speaking
Chuck Herrick Speaking

The Motivational Speaker Who’ll Help You Change Your Life

One of my earliest memories was of my Mother making me strip naked, putting a knife to my chest, and telling me, “The world would be better off without you.”

I hope nothing like this has happened to you. But, we all have things we have to overcome. Let me lead and teach you how to move beyond your past and create the future you dream of.

Chuck Herrick Speaking

One More Day by Chuck Herrick

When you feel you have nothing left and everyone and everything seems so out of reach… how do you keep hanging on?

In this deeply personal and inspirational book, Chuck Herrick walks you through the lessons he learned from his traumatic childhood and hitting rock bottom as an adult. After days spent more drunk than sober and making many mistakes along the way, he finally faced his demons, found a better way to live, and made some powerful changes that turned his life around. For anyone who has suffered physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or felt lost, Chuck wrote this book to give you straightforward advice, as he sees it.

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Chuck Herrick Speaking

Overcoming Podcast with Chuck Herrick

Living through trauma or witnessing a traumatic event is emotionally painful and can affect a person for the rest of their life. Host Chuck Herrick survived an abusive childhood, several major car crashes, and a suicide attempt. Now, he wants to provide a lifeline for the ones who also survive their inner demons every single day.

Through the Overcoming podcast, Chuck creates a safe space to share stories of triumph over life-changing circumstances, to help build community, and reframe societal stigmas.

Chuck Herrick Speaking

Chuck Herrick is a motivational speaker who tells an incredible story of how he survived years of child abuse, moved past his difficult childhood, and achieved success in his life.

Based on his own experience, Chuck offers a lifeline to those living on the edge and shows that we can overcome... anything. He shares how we can use our early childhood trauma, insecurities, and spite to our advantage. When the time is right, we let go of our past to live a peaceful and connected life.

Contact Chuck for an exploratory conversation on how he can help your group or be a guest on your show.

Chuck Herrick Speaking
Chuck Herrick Speaking

Chuck Herrick, Speaker, JD, CPA

Chuck Herrick is a motivational speaker, author, host of the Overcoming podcast, and survivor of severe child abuse. His focus is to help those who suffered from abuse, feel left out, or are forgotten reclaim their lives. Helping people build their resilience, overcome obstacles from their past and present, and create a future of their making so they can live their best life.

Chuck is a graduate of Mesa State College, with a BS in public accounting. After graduating he worked in public accounting before joining a multibillion-dollar multinational where he rose to assistant controller. After which he went on the graduate from Baylor School of Law and then practiced business litigation for several years.

Chuck lives in Dallas with his wife and one grumpy poodle. He has one daughter, a beautiful granddaughter, a son-in-law, and a wonderful stepson and daughter.

Chuck Herrick is the board secretary of the Life Works Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is committed to bringing innovative approaches to help people, businesses, and communities achieve optimal levels of recovery, wellness, and mental health. To learn more about Life Works Foundation visit their website:

Chuck Herrick Speaking

Work with Chuck

Chuck Herrick works with a wide variety of groups and organizations and often collaborates with other speakers to deliver a well-rounded program. He is available to speak at schools, colleges, universities, corporate events, symposiums, conferences, and more.

Audiences relate to Chuck as a motivational speaker. At one time or another, we all struggle, we all doubt ourselves, and we all have issues that we face and obstacles in our way. Chuck delivers a powerful message of hope, inspiration, and perseverance.

Event planners, association executives, HR professionals, corporate leaders, school administrators, members of the media, and others interested in working with Chuck may contact us for an exploratory conversation on how he can help your group/organization or be a guest on your show.

Chuck Herrick Speaking